Pacifichem 2021(オンライン)にて研究成果発表を行いました。

2021年12月16日~21日、5年に1度の環太平洋国際化学会議「Pacifichem 2021」(オンライン)が開催されました。


1) Y. Takagai, M. Mori, W. L. Hinze, “One-pot extractive synthesis of gold nanomaterials with additive control of shape via utilization of zwitterionic micelles and their cloud point behavior”.

2) W. L. Hinze, Y. Takagai, “New perspectives on surfactant mediated extractions”.

3) Y. Takagai, M. Furukawa “Flow injection based sequential inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometric analysis for quantification of radioactive strontium”



・M. Arano, R. Suzuki, C. Ohnuma, W. L. Hinze, Y. Takagai, “Synthesis of an amphoteric solid phase resin with incorporated gold-nanoparticles and its application as a catalyst”

・T. Tanji, M. Furukawa, Y. Takagai, “Analytical method for determining high-relativite site groups in very small area by multicomponent chemical and principal component data analysis”

・M. Matsueda, Y. Takagai, “Homogeneous liquid-liquid microextraction of actinides and lanthanides in seawater”